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Reincarnation is an idea that just won’t go away, according to Zolar, who has enlightened millions of readers worldwide about the mysteries of dreams and astrology. Included in this lively text is a history of the belief in reincarnation together with thorough, easy-to-follow instructions that will enable you to discover your own past lives as well as those of your family and friends. Answered for the first time are such questions as: • Does Judaism teach reincarnation? • Did Jesus and his disciples believe in reincarnation? • What were the past lives of world-renowned psychologist Carl Jung? • Can one use astrology and hypnosis to discover a past life? • Do past lives affect your health in this lifetime? Join Zolar on a fascinating journey back in time and discover the connections between the lives you once led and the life you lead today. For over half a century, the name ZOLAR has been synonymous with some of the finest books on astrology, dreams, and the occult ever written. Called the “Dean of Astrology” by The New Yorker, Zolar is the author of Zolar’s It’s All In The Stars; Zolar’s Encyclopedia & Dictionary of Dreams; Zolar’s Book of Dreams, Numbers & Lucky Days; Zolar’s Encyclopedia of Ancient & Forbidden Knowledge; and Zolar’s Magick of Color.

Zolar's Book of Reincarnation: How to Discover Your Past Lives

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