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Packaged in a fun flipbook format, Dreams & Nightmares is a guide to interpreting and understanding what your mind is trying to tell you while your body sleeps. One side of the book explores dreams and the other side nightmares- two parts of the same phenomena.
Based on scientifically based yet accessible information, Dreams & Nightmares:

Shows you how to interpret your own dreams and use them to gain insight into your life Clarifies what dreams and nightmares are and why we have them Explores common dream symbols such as angels, monsters, insects, animals, and even vampires Examines universal dream themes such as traveling, falling, and being naked Elucidates the theories of the major dream theorists, from Freud to Jung, to current modern-day theorists such as Revonsou and Domhoff Provides a wealth of fascinating information to help you unlock the power of your dreams Includes a "Directory of Symbols" for both dreams and nightmares
You spend one-third of your life sleeping and, on average, four hours a night dreaming, so discover how you can use your dreams for greater success in your waking life.

Dreams & Nightmares: Discover What Your Dreams are Telling You Discover What You

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