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Any herb or plant which is given the name “officinalis” is recognized as having significant medicinal benefits. It means “used in medicine”.

In medieval times, calendula was regarded as a magickal herb as well as a medicinal and culinary one. It has been used to produce dyes, flavor food, heal wounds, and even help celebrate the rebirth of the sun god at the winter solstice.

Just as the flowers open to follow the sun in its path across the sky each day, they also follow celebrations across the world, showing up as a symbol of joy to the Romans, in the garlands that adorn the deities of the Hindu faith, and even in offerings to ancestors on the Day of the Dead in Central America.


Calendula holds a place among the most significant spiritual herbs. It is a flower of both Sun and Fire.


Amazing in bath salt blends!

Calendula 25g (Calendula officinalis)

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