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A magical eclectic online shop. 
All our products are ethically sourced, made from recycled material or from local creators. 

We offer an array of natural handmade skincare products, candles and other spiritual products to live a magical life. 

This is a place of healing, a place of magick. 

The Hidden Fox is a cultivation of years of studying, listening and practice of the old ways. 

Blessed be.  

Image by hannah grace


Chantelle is the proud owner of The Hidden Fox Apothecary.

She is a Certified Herbalist with over 20years experience in mysticism, paganism and the occult as well as a Certified Alternative Healing Practitioner.

It has always been her dream to help the environment in the most sustainable, natural way possible and thus the Hidden Fox was born. 

Apothecary as the name mentions brings to the fore thoughts of potions, herbal remedies and traditional medicines, and this is exactly what she strives to deliver to each and every person. 

PS. We are also the sellers of the #Hiddenfoxmysterybox 

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